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Monday, November 7, 2016

Will Frozen 2 be forgotten?

As we know Disney's Frozen topped Lion King as Disney's most successful movie. Given all the merchandise, and even a stage show, Frozen was bound to get a sequel. But, will it be remembered or put into the pile of other forgotten Disney films.

The first point I'll address involves Disney's second most popular movie The Lion King. The Lion King did amazing at the box office and Disney felt a sequel was in order. So four years later in 1998, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride was released straight to VHS.

Before Lion King 2 came out, Disney did a lot of advertising and promotions for the film, including A McDonalds promotion, A world Premiere where they invited celebrities like Richard Karn, Leeza Gibbons, Robert Townsend, Charlton Heston, and Davis Hasselhoff, various mail in offers, a promotion with Kodak, and even little storybooks in boxes of Cheerios and Lucky Charms.

 However around 2006 The Walt Disney Company seemed to push the movie aside, leaving it forgotten and unknown by future Lion King fans.

Now, you might be saying, this is different since The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, was a Disney Direct to Video movie, and not a theatrical film.

There's a problem with that too.....

Peter Pan 2 Return to Neverland, a film starring Wendy's daughter Jane, was a theatrical sequel to the original Peter Pan. However, nowadays Return to Neverland is forgotten Disney.

This is the same case with The Jungle Book 2, as well. (As for Disney's live action Jungle Book, and the possible sequel of that, the jury is still out.)

When it comes to Disney it seems sequels don't get the best footing. The exceptions currently seem to be Planes: Fire and Rescue, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3,Cars 2, and Monster's University.

Maybe Frozen 2 will be one of the lucky ones to stay loved. If not, Forgotten Disney will have another movie to try and bring love too again.

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