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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Disney Characters who you didn't know were Disney Princesses

There are a lot of Disney princesses, some in the official Disney franchise, and some not. However these princesses tend to slip the radar on lists, so here are some Disney characters you didn't know were princesses.

Ursula Stanhope
Ursula Stanhope is from George of The Jungle, and George of The Jungle 2. You may be wondering how she's a princess. Well, she's married to George, who is referred to throughout both movies as The King of The Jungle. Likewise in the sequel Ursula is referred to as his queen.

Jane Porter
Jane Porter from Tarzan, and Tarzan & Jane is our next Disney Princess. Now, you may be thinking this will pretty much be a rehash of my reasoning for Ursula being a Disney princess, since Ursula was based off Jane. However there is a slight difference between her and Ursula. Tarzan isn't really the king of The Jungle like George, his adoptive father however leads the gorillas making him a king. Because of this Tarzan is a prince, and by marrying Jane, she is now his queen,

Princess Vitani from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, has a few things going for her regarding being considered a Disney Princess. She is most likely the daughter of Scar, who not only is of royal blood, but was king for a while. The Lion Guard confirmed she was born during Scar's era, which would have made her a princess. Not only that, but she is Kovu's sister. Given that Kovu marries a Disney Princess, Kiara, that gives Vitani some nobility as well. 

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